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The range of Ford vehicles is complete. It includes sedans, trucks, sport coupe or powerful SUV. The solidity of the U.S. manufacturer's vehicles has already been proven. With innovative technologies such as the MyFord Touch system, driving aids and safety systems, our used Ford Vehicles will introduce you to a whole new driving experience. The latest engines are equipped with EcoBoost technology, which are sure to impress you with it’s power while keeping your used Ford very efficient. This is the perfect mix between fuel economy and performances. On a used Ford, you will feel like the king of the road, regardless whichever model you choose. You will feel a real sense of confidence. Browse our complete inventory of used Ford vehicles and discover the quality Ford.

Used Ford with MyFord Touch™ & Sync

MyFord Touch™ is a revolutionary in-car technology that helps you stay connected to your world through simple voice and touch-screen commands. It's all powered by SYNC® and features a gorgeous 8-inch touch-screen display and instrument cluster screens for complete control. Listen to music from your MP3 player, USB, or portable hard drive and play it as loud as you want without having to worry about missing a call. [Read more]

Ford And Lincoln Fuel Economy Numbers Wrong

Last week Ford announced that it was correcting the consumption ratings of several 2013 and 2014 hybrids and plug-in hybrid models, as well of most of the 2014 Fiesta models. Upon discovering their miscalculation through internal testing, Ford immediately contacted the EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). A new series of tests were performed to determine the vehicle's exact figures. The explanation is a bit technical, but in short, the error was caused by a factor called the "total road load power". This is a factor that is used during aerodynamic testing. It was during this testing of a Fusion Hybrid in a wind tunnel that the company discovered that the total road load power did not match the values used in aerodynamic testing. Changes in the validation process should eliminate the risk of this error happening again. Ford has notified it's dealers that they can continue to sell the vehicles affected by this error, even though the new EnerGuide consumption labels will not be available for about ten days.

Back to the Future: The Ford Escort Concept

There are lots of concept cars to be found at auto shows. They're a great way for manufacturers to gauge audience reactions to ideas that are being considered, and they bring people in the door. At the Shanghai Motor Show (running through April 29, 2013), there are plenty of concepts on the floor. Several vehicles are high tech, and wear such prestigious badges as BMW and Mercedes, but there are some less luxurious models too. Among the novel offerings available at the show. our writer spotted the Ford Escort concept. Rest assured, this new model is geared for the Chinese market, and is meant to be a more affordable alternative to the Ford Focus, not to replace it. We agree though, it seems strange to sell two very similar cars in the same class at different prices.

GM and Ford Team Up On Automatic Transmissions

Last week General Motors Corporation and the Ford Motor Company signed an agreement to jointly develop a new generation of nine-speed and ten-speed automatic transmissions to be used in cars, crossovers, SUVs and trucks. These new transmissions are designed to improve vehicle performance and fuel economy on front wheel drive powered models. Bringing their expertise to the table together, the purpose of this agreement, of course, is to save on development without compromising quality.

Ford test drive

2014 Ford Fiesta ST

2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Ford has brought us a fiery hot pepper from the old continent: the Fiesta ST.

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2013 Ford Fusion AWD

2013 Ford Fusion AWD

Ford has established ‘styling’ as its number one priority to attract buyers. We see proof...

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