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The range of Ford vehicles is complete. It includes sedans, trucks, sport coupe or powerful SUV. The solidity of the U.S. manufacturer's vehicles has already been proven. With innovative technologies such as the MyFord Touch system, driving aids and safety systems, our used Ford Vehicles will introduce you to a whole new driving experience. The latest engines are equipped with EcoBoost technology, which are sure to impress you with it’s power while keeping your used Ford very efficient. This is the perfect mix between fuel economy and performances. On a used Ford, you will feel like the king of the road, regardless whichever model you choose. You will feel a real sense of confidence. Browse our complete inventory of used Ford vehicles and discover the quality Ford.

Used Ford with MyFord Touch™ & Sync

MyFord Touch™ is a revolutionary in-car technology that helps you stay connected to your world through simple voice and touch-screen commands. It's all powered by SYNC® and features a gorgeous 8-inch touch-screen display and instrument cluster screens for complete control. Listen to music from your MP3 player, USB, or portable hard drive and play it as loud as you want without having to worry about missing a call. [Read more]

Ford At The Toronto Auto Show

Ford made a big splash and a lot of friends at this year's Toronto auto show. They probably had the largest stage in the place, and a heck of a lot of real estate on the floor. Perhaps they were thinking that this was their year to shine, after Chevy stole everyone's attention last year with the new Corvette and Chrysler showed off a new Viper. Ford has the brand new Mustang with them this year, but it was a little anticlimactic since we've seen it for months online, and they've brought it to several recent auto shows. Ford seemed to understand this, since it wasn't their showcase vehicle in Toronto, and of course, it won't be available for a few more months. Ford is launching 16 new vehicles this year in North America, 23 globally. Ford had more important vehicles to highlight in Toronto. The company has a huge PR mission ahead of themselves, as they seek to convince the public that the new 2015 Ford F-150 made of aluminum will be just as tough as it's popular predecessors. This message is being pushed and hard, wherever anyone is in hearing range, with special emphasis of "military-grade aluminum" being slipped into the conversation at every opportunity.

2013 Ford C-MAX

Looking for fuel efficiency, cargo space and headroom? Look no further than the 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid vehicles. The visual design and technical capabilities pit these cars directly against the well-known Honda Prius V. With very good acceleration, excellent engine management, great storage space and good headroom, the Ford C-MAX should make anyone thinking of a Prius to drop that thought and head to a Ford dealer. The exterior of the car is clean and neat, with a similar front grille to the other 2013 Ford models and a sweeping roofline to accommodate the hatchback while improving aerodynamics. The 17-inch aluminum wheels are attractive. The interior of the 2013 Ford C-MAX provides ample headroom while surrounding the driver and passengers with a refined and appealing design using pleasing materials. There are many storage areas including door pockets, centre console, cup holders, small compartments under the rear-seat footwells and even a removable shelf in the glove box.

Ford Develops Black Box For Police Cars

Most modern cars now come equipped with a black box. These black boxes, or data event recorders serve double duty. They tell manufacturers about the performance of their vehicles, and they supply critical information to investigators about the cause of a crash. One can no longer claim to have been driving the speed limit or to have been wearing a seatbelt when a crash happens, the vehicle's black box knows the truth. These boxes are helping to improve vehicle and driver safety, but there are still some concerns as to who actually owns the information generated and whether or not it should be shared with insurance companies. Even police officers are not free from the reach of big brother. Ford has developed a black box intended for police cars, like a traffic cop for police. This system will monitor the driving behaviour of police officers behind the wheel. In this case, instead of the information being recovered only after an accident such as in an airplane, the technology used streams the data in real time.

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2014 Ford Fiesta ST

2014 Ford Fiesta ST

Ford has brought us a fiery hot pepper from the old continent: the Fiesta ST.

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2013 Ford Fusion AWD

2013 Ford Fusion AWD

Ford has established ‘styling’ as its number one priority to attract buyers. We see proof...

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